WEBINAR ILLICIT TRAFFICKING2020-12-14T10:38:16+01:00

The illicit trafficking of cultural goods is one of the topics that EHH is advocating for toward the EU institutions. Therefore, we offered the possibility to our members and partners to attend a webinar designed for private owners of historic houses

EHH introduced the Webinar by sharing about the use of digital at European Historic Houses through the European Heritage Weeks – Facebook Live project

We had the chance to receive the following speakers

Sarah Durdin Robertson, daughter of Huntington Castle in Sout East Ireland and TV producer, has presented the European Heritage Weeks – Facebook Live Visits project and talked about the participation of her home in this project.

David Wigg-Wolf, from the German Archaeological Institute and member of the NETCHER consortium has introduced the audience to the European Union research project for combatting illicit trafficking in antiquities and presented the digital tools as well as the legal framework

Ghislain d’Ursel, the owner of Heks Castle in Belgium, former president of European Historic Houses and vice-president of the Belgian Historic Houses Association, addressed the protection of houses against burglary, including best practices and prevention, and has shared some examples of recovery of stolen goods

You can now watch or RE-watch this great session, and the speeches of our 3 speakers: Sarah Durdin Robertson, David Wigg-Wolf, and Ghislain d’Ursel