Heritage Houses For Europe: Exchange and Innovate

Family-owned heritage houses are a treasure chest full of European culture and exemplify the notion of European heritage. They are a dynamic sector providing quality jobs and smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. They bring social and environmental benefits to European citizens.

However, they are the hidden face of cultural heritage. We have identified a lack of comprehensive, systemic data on family-owned heritage houses’ sector. Family-owned heritage houses are at the crossroads of different challenges such as innovative financing and management models as well as new forms of governance. This project will aim at unleashing the potentialities of the sector. The main specificity of this heritage is that the burden and responsibility of maintaining it falls on the shoulder of the family. The project will highlight and circulate innovative thinking among managers of heritage houses to reinforce their competencies and capacities. Managers are at the center of this project.

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Online Business Model Toolkit

The online business model toolkit is part of the project Heritage Houses for Europe. It is available to guide and inspire family-owned heritage house owners.

First, answer a couple of questions to define your estate profile and your business strategy. Tips and tricks to innovate will be showcased. Finally find inspiration in successful business models of houses with the same profile and with relatable challenges and opportunities.

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EU Funding Guide

The aim of this EU funding guide is to increase the awareness of heritage house owners across Europe about the possibilities of EU funding by giving a structured non-technical overview of the most relevant EU funding and other instruments and their objectives.

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Discover our HERIT project that uses this study as the referent case study. 

Colouring Book

The younger generation is the future of our heritage. In building a strong legacy for the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, we have produce specific communication materials for schools and young children.
Why? Because they are tomorrow’s volunteers, entrepreneurs, leaders, or heritage stakeholders! Caring and visiting heritage houses contribute to educating children on wellbeing, sense of beauty, diversity, biodiversity preservation, and cultural heritage in general!

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