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NextGen Group

The European Historic Houses aisbl is committed to supporting and promoting the sustainability and good guardianship of built heritage in private hands from generation to generation.  This is achieved through its European NextGen Framework.

The NextGen framework was developed in 2014, with a view to supporting National Associations more actively in widening the participation by young and future members.  This followed a landmark decision in 2010 to encourage Member Associations to nominate Young Governors to the European Historic Houses Annual General Assembly, thereby assuring that voices from the future will sit at today’s top table.European Historic Houses supports the interests of historic houses in private ownership across the European continent, in the political, public and academic domains.

The NextGen Group is a vibrant and active membership organisation bringing together the young and future owners of Europe’s historic houses.  Fostering a fun and supportive environment around finding solutions for the long-term sustainability of these special places, our forums seminars and conferences allow the sharing of best practice, experience and learning both from our members and from professional advisers.

Key to our commitment to NextGen participation in the organisation of the annual NextGen Heritage Conference, which is unique in focusing specifically on the future of heritage property from the perspective of young and future owners. The Conferences offered offered participants from across the continent an opportunity to meet and discuss mutual challenges and opportunities, whilst hearing from high-level speakers and learning from the experience of current guardians of heritage.

Annual NextGen Conferences: Oxford (UK) 2015, Fontainebleau (France) 2016, Sienna (Italy) 2017, Seville (Spain) 2018, Morges (Switzerland) 2019, Online 2021, Dublin (Ireland) 2022, Vienna (Austria) 2023.

In addition, cultural weekends are organised twice a year: Lisbon (Portugal, autumn 2022), Brussels (Belgium, spring 2023), Naples (Italy, winter 2023), Warsaw (Poland, winter 2024).

As a young or future owner of an historic house, join us or one of our national partner associations to help create a sustainable future for our shared European heritage.

Find your NextGen group by contacting your national association. If your Association does not yet offer specific provision for young members at this time, please contact us at 

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