Brussels Office

67 Rue de Trèves, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgique

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Ewelina Oksiuta

Head of Office

Ewelina is Polish and has been living and studying in Poland, France, and Belgium. In 2014 she graduated with distinction as Master of European Studies specialized in History and Cultures of Europe at the Free University of Brussels. Prior to joining EHH, she was coordinating the members’ network and projects of the Liberation Route Europe, an association focusing on the remembrance tourism of the Second World War. Before that, she gained experience in communications, public relations, and event management first at the Polish Embassy, then at the Polish Tourism Organisation in Brussels.

Theodora-Cristina Canciu

EU Project Manager

Theodora has rejoined the team of the European Historic Houses Association in September 2021. She graduated with distinction from Lund University in Sweden, Master’s in European Studies at the end of May 2021. Theodora was an intern at EHH from September 2020-March 2021 and her interests and experience in EU-project coordination, culture, foreign languages, communications, and event management put her forward as a suitable Project Manager for our EU-funded projects.

Augustin Lambert

Cultural Projects Researcher

Augustin graduated with a bachelor in Liberal Arts & Sciences at University College Maastricht in the Netherlands in January 2023. He then moved on to be a trainee at the European Historic Houses Association in March 2023. He uses this internship opportunity to contribute developing his interest for cultural heritage preservation in the course of his studies in History, Archaeology and Culture. Overall, he is invested in the preservation of the past whether as buildings or artefacts as well as their intertwined international relations throughout history.

Alba Calderón Castro

Cultural and Political Communications Officer

Alba has began her internship at the European Historic Houses in August 2022. She has two BAs, one in Modern Languages specialising in French and another in English language and literature, both from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). She is currently finishing her master’s degree in Euroculture: Society, Politics and Culture from the universities of Göttingen (Germany) and Palacký Olomouc (Czech Republic). Her main focus lies on European cultural heritage, a topic which she has already written and researched about and will make the centre of her upcoming thesis.

Marta Candidi

Cultural Projects Trainee

Marta started her internship at European Historic Houses after completing her master’s. She studied Italian Literature and History at the University of Trento (Italy) and after she decided to shift her focus to politics and cultural heritage with a master’s degree in International Cooperation on Human Rights and Intercultural Heritage at the University of Bologna (Italy). Her main interest is to explore the link between cultural heritage and sustainable development, which was also the topic of her master’s thesis.


Rodolphe de Looz-Corswarem

Honorary President

Alfonso Pallavicini

Executive President

An experienced businessman and passionate about built cultural heritage, Alfonso Pallavicini was elected as the president of the European Historic Houses Association in 2018. He is a true European: he was born in Italy into a Hungarian-Italian family, lived in Austria and France, and currently lives in Belgium with his family.

After a long career in Investment Banking, he left BNP Paribas as Head of Europe and then moved into private equity to Belgium and Luxembourg. He serves on several boards as non-executive director. Mr. Pallavicini does not only own a historic house, but also has helped in restructuring and reviewing different private heritage houses’ business models.

Didrik de Schaetzen

Vice President

With prior experience at the European Commission, Public Housing and the Renewable Energy Sector, Didrik de Schaetzen was appointed Vice-President of the European Historic Houses in June 2022.

Didrik has hands-on experience of preserving historic buildings having led several renovation projects of historic houses in Sweden and Belgium.

He holds a Masters in Communication Sciences (IHECS) and Political Sciences (ULB) and speaks Dutch, English, French and Swedish fluently.

Alessandro Cavazza de Altamer

Vice President and NextGen Group Coordinator

Architect, inherited his love for history and architecture from his grandfather Novello, an engineer and great expert of historic houses. After studying in Venice and Rome and working in the international construction business, in 2018 he decided to return to Italy to found his own business, related to the preservation of Italian private heritage. He is a member of ADSI (Italian Historic Houses Association) since 2010, and for the Under 35 section he served as: Board member for the Lazio Region (2013-2016), Lazio Region Coordinator (2016-2019), National Coordinator and Member of the association’s executive board (2019-2022).

In 2022 he led a design team in a public tender for the restoration of historic gardens, helping his mother’s family home, Tabiano Castle, to win.

Wenceslas de Lobkowicz

Special Advisor to the President on EU matters

A senior expert of European decision-making, Wenceslas de Lobkowicz has been appointed as Vice-President of the European Historic Houses in 2018. He has served over thirty-eight years in the European Commission in several directorate generals and units.

Most lately, up until 2016, he worked in the Directorate General for Enlargement as Head of Unit of “Information and inter-institutional relations”. Currently, he is a lecturer of European Policy at the Sciences Po Paris and IEP of Lille. Mr de Lobkowicz has also great experience with historic houses, as he owns one in France.