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To celebrate the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, we organised the European Private Heritage Week from May 24-27, which was a great success gathering 642 houses opening in 17 countries and almost half a million visitors. Chapels and churches opened their doors and organized special activities, under the common banner ‘Our House, Your Heritage’. We then organised the 2nd edition in 2019 which was again a success!

The European Private Heritage Weeks has four objectives:

  • Raise awareness on the contribution of private owners of heritage buildings to society
  • Foster exchanges between owners/managers and the public
  • Increase synergies with the living arts
  • Promote public engagement, especially the young generation

European Heritage Weeks 2020

Unfortunately, the 3rd edition of the European Heritage Weeks couldn’t take place as usual, due to the COVID pandemic. However, we thought this edition was probably even more important than the two previous ones as people desperately needed to make their mind travel and private historic houses needed to be promoted more than ever!

We have thus decided to show our resilience by maintaining the edition but, in a different form. On the 16th, 23rd, 30th of May and 6th of June, we have organised live visits of private-owned historic houses with our members’ members and we have thus made this 3rd edition the European Heritage Weeks – Facebook Live Visits.

Each Saturday during 1 month, people from all around the world could enjoy 3 live guided-tours – about 15 minutes each – from 3 different countries. This project gathered 12 participants and thousands of viewers! On the 24th of June, our videos had been watched 72 300 times and this number is increasing every day!

Please, find below the list of the houses which participated in our Facebook Live Visits (you can find the videos on our Facebook video library, and on our Youtube channel, in their edited version!)

Regarding the success of this format, we have decided that the 2021 edition of European Heritage Weeks will be inaugurated with a virtual tour! The rest of this 4th edition, however, will occur in the same way as the 1st and 2nd editions, with the guidelines you can find below as well as in our library.

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Live Visits Videos – Facebook
Live Visits videos edited versions – Youtube
Guidelines for National Associations
Guidelines for Private Owners