European Historic Houses

The voice of family-owned heritage houses

The European Historic Houses is an umbrella association covering 24 national associations of privately-owned historic houses. Our main office is in Brussels, Belgium, within the EU quarter in order to raise awareness and advocate at a European level about private cultural heritage. The Association defends the preservation, conservation and transmission of heritage houses and represents 50 000 of them throughout Europe.


EU Seminar

The 7th of April 2020 the European Historic Houses invite all its members to participate to the Politic Seminar organised in Brussels. The Politic Seminar aims to disseminate European Funding Schemes and to open up discussions as well as answers questions on that matter. With high level speakers and European experts on EU funds you will be able to unveil fund opportunities for your propreties projects.  This seminar is grounded on the results of the study Heritage Houses for Europe and is particularly designed for private owners of historic houses. A Funding Guide was launched last September and this seminar will provide for insights and practical explanations.

NextGen Conference 2020

Young owners are the future of historic heritage as tomorrow they will be their custodians. Yet to keep this heritage alive and ensure transmission, young generations must face challenges and find solutions to management their historic buildings The Next Generation general assembly gather young owners of historic houses from all Europe. It is a unique place to meet with dynamic entrepreneurs and share experiences on specific topics related to the management of family-owned houses and their parks and gardens.

This year the NextGen Conference will take place in Dublin, Ireland 24-26th of April

European Heritage Weeks

You are invited to embark on an exclusive journey to discover private historic houses and the families taking care of them. Come and enjoy specialty foods, traditional dances and music or theatre plays. Meet local artists and celebrate traditional craftsmen, or simply explore our homes and breathe the fresh air of the garden with us. The first edition was created as a celebration of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. And what a celebration! It gathered 642 houses in 17 European countries and almost half a million visitors.
We look forward to welcoming you into our family houses.


Heritage Houses for Europe is the first Pan-European Study on family-owned heritage houses provinding hard facts on the sector and concrete tools for owners.

Through this Study, we gained an improved bottom-up understanding of the socio-economic contribution of these houses and how innovative models can support and help their sustainable preservation. The ultimate goal was to strengthen their position within our society, by reinforcing their owners’ skillset and capabilities, while also raising awareness of their value for European citizens and society as a whole. This Study formulates policy recommendations for the European Commission and other stakeholders on how they can support the sustainability of the sector in Europe. This project is an important first step and many more are required to preserve our common cultural heritage across Europe.

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