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Houses of the Month

 Iford Gardens, United Kingdom

Houses of the Month – Online Event!

Drawing on the success of our last online event, ‘European Heritage Weeks – Facebook Live Visits’, we are ready to show more of our great European private heritage. We have thus decided to combine our previous initiative – ‘the House of the Month’ – and the current trend for online events. 

Representing +50.000 private historic houses, EHH will introduce some of its treasures from all over Europe. ‘Houses of the Month’ is an invitation to take part in a new journey through the cultural heritage premises.

With this new project, we want to offer our audience more than a basic guided tour. We want to spotlight the passion, talent, courage and hard work of our owners, as well as the importance of such buildings in our common History

From September to December, we will introduce our private historic houses, addressing one specific theme each month, through the broadcasting of 20-minute long videos. The four themes are as follow:

  • Gardens
  • Local Productions
  • Restoration Works
  • Traces of European History

The first theme to be addressed – in September – will be “Gardens”!

More information about the program will follow soon: stay tuned!

Willing to participate*? E-MAIL US!

Knowing anyone willing to participate? Tell them to E-MAIL US!

  • Margherita Malaspina –
  • Ewelina Oksiuta –

*We will only accept applications from our members and their members, but the visits will be accessible to everyone!