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European Tourism Manifesto

European Tourism Manifesto is an informal alliance launched by the European public and private stakeholders to raise the profile of the tourism sector among EU policymakers. The alliance asks the EU, among others, to tackle several policy priorities for the tourism sector to ensure that tourism in Europe continues to be a key driver for economic growth and job creation, fostering European values and citizenship.

The alliance currently gather 56 organisations which are representing the entire tourism value chain and beyond. EHH joined the Tourism Manifesto Alliance in April 2020. 

The Welcoming Estates Website is a unique hospitality platform that was created to provide a service exclusively for members of the European Historic Houses Association and/or Friends of the Countryside.

Estate owners who have opened or wish to open up their estates and allow visitors to discover and enjoy the beautiful countryside, nature and facilities in exclusive surroundings are welcome to join the organisation.

Thanks to an attractive, user-friendly and well organised website, visitors are presented with a list of European countryside estates that invite them to enjoy the hidden treasures each estate has to offer. All bookings and requests for further information are made directly with the estate, not through the WEW!

Any profits from the Welcoming Estates Website go straight to the European Landowners Organisation.

 For information on how to join the ever growing list of estates on the  Welcoming Estates Website, please download this information brochure and drop a line to Sophy Smits van Oyen – Maltzoff at

Add your estate to this beautiful website! We look forward to welcoming you!

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