In March 2017, the European Historic Houses Association annouces a new partnership with Mad’in Europe!

European craftsmen in areas such as wood, metal, glass, ceramic, textile, stone crafts, music instruments and restoration are the guardians of European diversity, cultural heritage and know how. They are now facing business troubles because of their small visibility within an offer of cheaper and more accessible products.

Consequently, despite an increasing interest for rare and customized services and products, many traditional crafts are disappearing.

Mad’in Europe’s has started its activity at the end of 2013 with objective to bring sustainable and concrete support to these micro-businesses, through different actions. Mad’in Europe is connecting the European art-crafts community with international potential users: private consumers, architects, designers, interior designers, musicians, …

Its action since then has been covered by press and received a reward in 2015 (Victors 2015 – Jury & Public award) for its commitment in favor of Craftsmanship.