Independent and non-profit organization, the European Historic Houses Association is the only organization able to stand for the private owners of historic buildings, their garden and their parks.

Consulted by the European institutions, the European Historic Houses Association is a foundation registered under Belgian law whose head office is in Brussels. The association is an umbrella organisation gathering 22 national associations of historic houses and 2 observer countries, which represents around 50 000 privately-owned historic houses. Our principal objective is to secure at the European level, favourable measures for the conservation and the sustainable development of historic houses. Some issues are considered as top priorities such as inheritance tax, low VAT-rate, energy efficiency in buildings and the illicit trafficking of cultural goods.

Ordinary Members:

Private Historic Houses’ Association from the EU Member States or Candidate Countries. Each Ordinary Member has one vote at the General Assembly.

Observer Members:

Private Historic Houses’ Association or other types of related organisations which are not structured enough to become full members. Observer members are encouraged to become full members after two years in order to fully participate in the activities of the association.

Observer members have no right to vote during the General Assembly.


  1. Knowledge sharing and networking:
  •  An average of 10 events organised every year at EU and regional level (workshops, high-level conferences, seminars, field trip etc.)
  1. Information and visibility:
  •  Bimonthly Newsletter
  •  Bimonthly article in “The Countryside Magazine” English/French/Spanish/Italian/German
  •  Yearly Activity Report
  •  EHHA reports and briefs on meetings, news communications, policy papers
  1. Political activities:
  •  Regular meetings with EU institution representatives to defend EHHA priorities;
  •  Constant monitoring of upcoming policies that are related to the interests of EHHA members
  •  Creation of EHHA documentation that supports lobby activities presenting the EHHA and its aims on specific issues
  •  Participate as “official stakeholder” in several EU cultural heritage platforms (e.g. Stakeholders’ dialogue group “Voice of Culture”, Alliance 3.3 etc.)
    • Possibility to invite members to take part in the working groups (please contact us)
  •  Facilitate EHHA members’ contact with EU institutions through EHHA events and bilateral meetings
  1. Legal advice:
  •  Rigorous analysis of EU policies and legal texts
  •  EHHA legal positions
  •  Support for individual cases and specific complaints[1]
  1. EU programmes:
  •  Increasing credibility and visibility of field activities with EU funded programmes
  •  Improving EU institutions relations and lobbying for EHHA positions through EU funded programmes
  •  Sharing and acquiring expertise from project partners depending on the needs of EHHA members
  •  Sharing expertise on European project management

[1] Researching and providing of contacts for legal defence.

NextGen Members

The European Historic Houses Association is committed to supporting and promoting the sustainability and good guardianship of built heritage in private hands from generation to generation.  This is achieved through its European NextGen Framework.

The NextGen framework was developed in 2014, with a view to supporting National Associations more actively in widening the participation by young and future members.  This followed a landmark decision in 2010 to encourage Member Associations to nominate Young Governors to the European Historic Houses Annual General Assembly, thereby assuring that voices from the future will sit at today’s top table.

In the recently created role of Next Generation Coordinator, William Cartwright-Hignett works with National Associations across the continent to create and develop their own NextGen groups.  The members of these groups, in turn, participate at the annual European Historic Houses NextGen Conference and other events at the European level.  National NextGen groups themselves organise events and create partnerships which support young and future owners on matters relating to the management of heritage property and inter-generational transmission.

Key to our commitment to NextGen participation in the organisation of the annual NextGen Heritage Conference, which is unique in focusing specifically on the future of heritage property from the perspective of young and future owners. The Conferences in Oxford (UK), Fontainebleau (France), Sienna (Italy), Seville (Spain), Morges (Switzerland) offered participants from across the continent an opportunity to meet and discuss mutual challenges and opportunities, whilst hearing from high-level speakers and learning from the experience of current guardians of heritage.

In 2020 the NextGen Heritage Conference will take place in Dublin, Ireland 24-26th of April

Find your NextGen group by contacting your national association.  If your Association does not yet offer specific provision for young members at this time, please contact our NextGen Coordinator directly:


The European Historic Houses Association is the voice, at the European level, of about 50,000 European historic houses to the institutions, the politicians, the media and the enterprises:

•             To promote European cooperation regarding the conservation of historic houses and gardens;

•             To provide a platform for the exchange of information and support for national historic house associations;

•             To promote interest in the historical, aesthetic, educational, environmental, economic and social aspects of historic houses and gardens;

•             To promote the extension and improvement of current historic houses, parks, gardens and estates to enable society as a whole to enjoy their attractions, beauty and story.


For companies looking to present their business, creations, project and/or innovative technology to an international network

Structural sponsorship – € 10,000 – € 15,000

Sponsorship that supports the Association throughout the year, thus helping to finance administrative costs (website, publications), support the efforts of representations to European and international institutions, and so on.

Visibility: priority on the website with a particular advertisement, announcements of events/news on the site and Social Media (Facebook, Instagram). Logos on all publications and activities, the invitation to the General Assembly and possibilities to advertise at the event.

→The flexibility of the Association to respond to requests from the sponsor.

Event Sponsoring – € 5,000 – € 8,000

Financial support from our annual events.

–              Include a Field Trip in Spring: 2 days of visits to private historic houses as well as a Gala Dinner. This year, the event will take place in Zwolle, in the Netherlands from 31st and 2nd of June 2018.

–              European Congress: Association’s General Assembly of Governors and a high-level european conference in Brussels.

Visibility: Logo on the website and all publications related to the events, invitation and possibility to advertise at the events through publications and stands promotion.