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Facebook Live Visits 2.0

European Heritage Weeks – Facebook Live Visits 2021

Given the success of last years virtual edition of the event and seen the extension of the travel restriction measures across Europe, this spring the European Heritage Weeks will take place online once again.

The format did not change: over four weekends between April and May, some private owners from different corners of Europe will open and present their historic houses on the EHH social media through short virtual live guided tours. In this way, the owners will be able to promote and enhance their houses even during this difficult period while people from all around the world will have the chance to travel and discover our invaluable European private heritage sites while staying at home.

This year, the virtual visits will be broadcast live simultaneously on both Facebook and YouTube.

On Saturday the 17th of April at 15:00 CET, the first round of the event will take place and three houses will be presented: Antouaniko Mansion (Greece), Ballykilcavan house (Ireland) and Amadé-Bajzáth-Pappenheim castle (Hungary). The first round of live tours will be introduced by the EHH Executive President, Alfonso Pallavicini. The participants in the following rounds are from Finland, Romania, Austria, France, Portugal, Italy and Sweden. While waiting impatiently for being able to physically travel again, follow all the updates about our flagship event on this website and Facebook page . Do not miss this great opportunity to travel around Europe while remaining at home!

The schedule for the next rounds of the European Heritage WeeksFacebook Live Visits

First Round (17th of April):


15:00  Antouaniko Mansion (GREECE)Presented by Manolis Vournous

Antouaniko is a characteristic mansion of Kambos area, on the aegean island of Chios, in Greece. The estate comprises a historic tangerine and orange trees plantation, together with the main house, the pebbled yard, the irrigation system and auxiliary buildings. Mansions in Kambos were first created in the Genoese period, until the mid 16th century. The area flourished in the Ottoman years to reach a new heyday at the end of 19th century.

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(14) Κατερίνα Μανωλιάδη – Μανώλης Βουρνούς | Facebook

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15:20Ballykilcavan House (IRELAND)Presented by David Walsh-Kemmis

Ballykilcavan Brewery is based on Ballykilcavan Farm in the heart of Ireland.  The farm has been the home of the Walsh family for 13 generations since 1639.  The brewery is installed in a renovated 240 year old grain store, and the family are currently converting two adjoining buildings into a visitor centre and tasting room.

On social media, we are @ballykilcavan on twitter, facebook and instagram.



15:40 Amadé-Bajzáth-Pappenheim Castle (HUNGARY) Presented by Ari S. Kupsus

The oldest part of the Amadé-Bajzáth-Pappenheim castle  was build up in 1700 and every generation added some wings and parts. The whole estate was socialized from Count zu Pappenheim and his family in 1945 and after that looted  totally.  Till 1980 the chateau was used for different purposes; military hospital, school, post office, police, local government offices, movie theatre, pharmacy, apartments etc. In 1982 the Hungarian State emptied the chateau because the building was in life danger state. Some renovations took place but there was no use for the chateau after it was renovated. The main building (in the former children wing there is still local primary school working) was left empty and abandoned for thirty years. In 2012 Mr Ari Kupsus rented the empty chateau from the Hungarian State and started to save this wonderful cultural heritage and fill it’s walls with pieces of antique and culture. Today the chateau is the only chateau in Hungary that has been decorated for the living purposes with the periodical furniture, paintings and decoration items, all from the 1760-1860’s.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Amad%C3%A9-Bajz%C3%A1th-Pappenheim-chateau-273935819373187/

Second round (24th of April):

15:00 Wiurilan Kartano (FINLAND)

Wiurila Manor is in southwestern Finland.  Wiurila Manor is mentioned in historical records as early as the 15th century . In the late 18th century the manor was acquired by the renowned Arminoff family. Anne Marie Aminoff is the 7th owner from the family.


15:20 Zabola Estate (ROMANIA)

The history of the Mikes Estate of Zabola dates back to the 15th century and has been in constant change since than due to the turmoil of Transylvanian historyIn 1949 the estate was nationalized, and the family thrown out. The castles went through a row of functions starting from being the holiday home of the Communist National Press Association, school and sanatorium.  The property was revendicated by the Roy-Chowdhury family (the successors of the Mikes’) in 1999. Some of the buildings together with the surrounding widespread English garden currently serves as a boutique hotel


15:40  – Bergau-Und Gotikmuseum Leogang (AUSTRIA) 

The Thurnhaus is a medieval residential and defence tower from the 13th century. Until 1504, this tower used to be a frontier post at the border between the Archbishopric of Salzburg and the Duchy of Bavaria. The tower was carefully renovated by the Leogang Mining Museum Association in 2019.