The European Landowners’ Organization (ELO), created in 1972, is a unique federation of national associations from the EU27 and beyond, which represents the interests of landowners, land managers and rural entrepreneurs at a European political level. Independent and non-profit making, ELO is the only European… Read more

European Property Federation

Fondé à Bruxelles en 1997, EPF représente tous les aspects de droits de propriété et de l'investissement: les propriétaires résidentiels, les sociétés immobilières, le marché de l'investissement immobilier et les sociétés de développement, des centres commerciaux et des intérêts dans la propriété d'investisseurs institutionnels (banques,… Read more

L’Association des Journalistes du Patrimoine

The AJP is a professional association of journalists interested by the issues of heritage and culture. Its main objective is to collect information about national and international heritage and to disseminate it inside the AJP network, for journalists to use them. The AJP also includes… Read more

Friends of the Countryside

The Friends of the Countryside Association is an association of more than 700 private owners and entrepreneurs across the 27 countries of the European Union. It allows, among other things, eminent personalities to express themselves in favor of rural private property and its various functions;… Read more

Europa Nostra

Europa Nostra is a European organization and a citizen movement that seeks the protection and safeguarding of cultural heritage and landscapes in Europe. It has 400 member organizations and associations from over 50 countries in Europe and 1,500 individual members who directly support its mission.… Read more