The 2017 European Historic Houses Awards were organized during the annual General Assembly and Conference held in the Barcelona region, on September 27-30.

The jury visited El Viver, ‘The Nursery’ which dates back from the 12th century, on the first day.
The second day, they visited the Castillo de la Rapita, a house that is inhabited all year-round and where the family focuses on the maintenance of the house and development of the arable lands; and the Castel de Riudabella a Roman villa turned into a fortified farm for the monks to rest. Lived in by the same family since 1841, it still carries out agricultural functions. El Sors, surronded by farmhouses ‘masias’, focuses on sustainable management of the surrounding forest.

The Award Ceremony, organized at Parque Sama, crowned the Castillo de la Rapita with the ‘2017 Historic Houses Awards’ for the family’s tremendous work in maintaining the authenticity of the house, which dates back from 200 years B.C.