European Private Heritage Week

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Update second edition! The 2019 edition of the European Private Heritage Week held in May, was a real success! Sixteen countries participated, and we gathered more than 244.785 visitors in 468 houses. Read the full press release!

To celebrate the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, the first edition was held from May 24-27, 2018. Drawing on its success we have decided to organize a second edition on May 16-19, 2019. We need your help to make it a great success!


The European Private Heritage Week has four objectives:

  • Raise awareness on the contribution of private owners of heritage buildings to society
  • Foster exchanges between owners-managers and the public
  • Increase synergies with the living arts
  • Promote public engagement, especially the young generation

Are you a private owner? Would you like to join this initiative?
→ Consult our guidelines and get in touch with us!




Where can you join us?


  • Burg Bernstein | 19 May 

Guided tours every hour (11h00-17h00) giving an overview of the castle’s history and showing the representative knight’s hall from the early 17th century.

Register Erasmus Almasy,; +43 3354 6382

More info | Facebook Burg Bernstein | Instagram burgbernstein

  • Schloss Hollenegg | 17-19 May 

Exhibition of contemporary design objects presented in the historical rooms of the castle. It will explore the table as a place where we come together, share food, behave, fight and reunite. Twenty designers will be showing recent works, especially commissioned for exhibition, next to the historical objects of the castle

Register Alice Liechtenstein,; 00436767387158

More info | Facebook shlossholenegg | Instagram schlossholenegg

  • Schloss Forsten | 18 May 

Exceptionnal opening of the manor to the public (10.00-16.00) in combination with guided tours.

Register Mag. Dietmar Krisai von Havala, +43-664-1005571

  • In Memoriam Notre Dame: Carithias historic attics | 13-19 May 

Owners of some historic monuments in Carinthia (Austria) want to support the restauration of Notre Dame de Paris. During this week numerous guided tours through the historic attics of Carinthia take place.

The aim is to raise people’s awareness of the dangers and the protection of historic roofs, and to present the beauty and the hidden secrets of framework, of towers and bells.

10€ admission per person will be donated to Notre Dame
Visitors will have to sign a liability exclusion. A list of participant monuments will be published soon.
Partners: regional newspaper of Carinthia and the diocese.

We are looking forward to welcome you!

Contact: Schloss Grades | | +43699/10812007


  • Château de Loppem | 16-19 May

Visits of the castle and of its collections (14.00-17.30).

Contact Maxim Serlez, |

More info | Facebook kasteelvanloppem | Instagram kasteelofvanloppem

  • Château d’Ostin | 19 May

Guided tours from 10.00 to 16.00.

Contact (registration mandatory) MM. Boucher,, 081/512 333
More info

  • Parc du Bois-Lombut | 18-19 May

Guided tours with the owner at 14.00


More info


  • Castle Blatna | 25-26 May

New guided tours, live music at the court yard, exhibition.

Contact Stephanos Germenis

More info | Facebook Zámek Blatná –  Castle Blatna | Instagram castle.blatna

  • Castle Bludov

Exclusive opening.

Contact Karla Mornstein-Zierotin,

More info

  • Castle Boskovice | 25 May

Music show organized

Contact Kateřina Klementová,

More info | Facebook zamekboskovice

  • Water tower Citoliby | 25 May

Lecture walk through Czech history.

Contact Miloš Kánský

  • Castle Častolovice | 25-26 May

Dog shelter exhibition | Dana Živorova paintings exhibition.

Contact Zdeněk Bachman

More info

  • Castle Dětenice 

Medieval Food Festival.

Contact Vlastimil Ferko

More info

  • Castle Dobříš | 24-26 May

Guided tours & Radka Přibyslavská´s portraits exhibition

Contact Tereza Vyhlasová

More info | Facebook zamekdobris

  • Castle Dolni Kounice | 24-26 May

Special tours guided by the owners & wine tasting

Contact František Zoubek

More info

  • Castle Houska | 25 May

Guided tour with the owners.

Contact Zuzana Pavlík-Šimonková

More info

  • Castle Hradek | 25-26 May

Guided tours with the owner including the gardens and orangery.

Contact Michaela Fremundová

More info

  • Castle Chyše | 24-26 May

Tours of the castle sellers | K, Čapek at Chyše & I. Hüttnerova exhibition

Contact Vladimír Lažanský

More info 

  • Castle Karlova | 26 May

Guided tours with the owner

Contact Martina Kubešová

More info| Facebook KarlovaKoruna| Instagram castlekarlovakoruna

  • Castle Kost | 25 May

Guided tours with the owner

Contact Martina Kubešová

More info | Facebook Castle Kost | Instagram kost_castle

  • Castle Kvasiny | 19 May | 25-26 May

Children Concert & Exhibition of Jiří Urban.

Register Soňa Klímová Janečková,

More info | Facebook zamekkvasiny

  • Castle Mitrowicz | 25 May

‘Mariánská pouť’ historical family day.

Register Michal Bedřich,

More info| Instagram zamek_mitrowicz

  • Castle Ratměřice | 26 May

Performance for children – Sleeping Beauty.

Register Tomáš Novák,

More info | Facebook zamekratmerice | Instagram zamek_ratmerice

  • Castle Rychnov nad Kněžnou

Exclusive visits.

Register Zdenka Dokoupilová,

More info | Facebook zamek.richnov| Instagram zamek_rychnov_nad_kneznou

  • Castle Skalice-Bohumilice | 25 May

Piano concert & Exhibition running until 30.9.2019

Register Vladimír Hiršl,

More info

  • Castle Stránov | 27 May

Evening tours of the castle.

Register Zuzana Pavlík-Šimonková,

More info | Facebook zamekstranov | Instagram zamekstranov

  • Castle Úholičky | 25-26 May | 1-2 June

Exhibition M. Horníček Collage | Harp concert | Puppet theatre | Market | Film horses show

Register Petr Svoboda,

More info Facebook zamekUholickyCZ

  • Castle Velké Meziříčí | 25 May

Concert A. Dvořák.

Register Irena Tronečková,

More info | Facebook zamekvm


  • Keila-Joa Castle Schloss Fall | 16-19 May

Exhibition about “Hunting and horse-riding fashion”. Guest are more than welcome to come and see the fascinating old era clothing that where worn for hunting and horse-riding events.

Register Andrei Dvorjaninov, +372 5067608

More info | Facebook schlossfall | Instagram schlossfall


  • Malmgård Estate | 19 May

Tours of the mansion building & of the estate shop and brewery pub.

Contact Henrik Creutz,, +358-40-5147475

More info | Facebook malmgard | Twitter MalmgardKartano | Instagram : malmgard_estate


  • Abbaye Saint-Hilaire | 16-19 May

Visits organized from 10.00 to 18.00.

Register Anne Bride,

More info

  • Jardins de Brantes | 16-19 May

Visits organized & special welcome by owners.

Register Marine d’Aboville,

More info


  • Alte Post Gutshaus | 19 May

Exceptional opening of the manor to the public (between 10.00 and 16.00) in combination with guided tours.

Register Mag. Dietmar Krisai von Havala, +43-664-1005571


Twenty five historic houses will open their doors in 5 locations  across Greece (Athens, Chios, Santorini, Kastoria and Corfu) thanks to the support of the Association Elliniki Etairia.

Have a look at the full list here. 


  • Ballinderry Park | 18 May

Meet for coffee and biscuits at Ballinderry Park, and George Gossip will lead a mystery tour back in time, following one another by car and stopping for an elaborate picnic lunch en-route.Those who wish to stay longer  can avail of special overnight rates with dinner at Ballinderry.

Guided tour from 10.00 (lasts 6.5 hours), including coffee and lunch | Cost: €95

Minimum people: 8
Maximum people: 15

Register (mandatory), 00 353 9096 86796, 00 353 86 6055042

More info

  • Beaulieu House | 17-18 May

Overlooking the estuary of the River Boyne, just downstream from Drogheda, Beaulieu is Ireland’s finest late seventeenth century house.Beaulieu is no longer regularly open to the public, but will open specially for a series of tours during European Private Heritage Week.

Guided tours from 13.00 to 17.00, every hour | Duration: 1 hour | Cost: €10

Register (mandatory), 00 353 41 983 8557

More info|

  • Clonkeen House | 18 May

A Musical Interlude – Violin. A solo recital by Bróna Cahill, first violinist and leader of the RTE Concert Orchestra, to a small audience in her parents’ drawing room.

Starts at 18.00 | Duration: 1.5 hours | Cost: €10

Register (mandatory)

  • Curraghmore House | 18 May

An instructive walk through the gardens at Curraghmore House, led by the Head Gardener. Ireland’s finest and largest landscaped park, with the great house and forecourt at its centre, surrounded by formal gardens, including a parterre and tiered lawns, a lake, an arboretum with many specimen trees, a superb mid-eighteenth-century shell house and some of Ireland’s most spectacular native woodland.

Starts at 10.30 | Duration: 2 hours | Cost €20
Maximum people: 30

Guided tours of Curraghmore House can be booked in afternoon at an additional charge.

Register (mandatory)

More info

  • Glenville Park | 18 May

Illustrated lecture followed by lunch – Drawing from his books in the ‘Vanishing Ireland’ series, the historian Turtle Bunbury recreates a poignant and fascinating world of music, emigration, humour and resilience. In 2001 Turtle and the photographer James Fennell began to ‘travel the length and breadth of Ireland’, photographing elderly members of society and conducting a series of interviews about their life stories, work experiences and family backgrounds. Turtle will recount many of the most interesting, amusing and inspiring stories illustrated by the best photographs from the project.

Starts at 11.00 | Duration: 4 hours | Cost: €50 (Coffee, lunch and tea included) | Maximum people: 50

Register (mandatory), 00 353 21 4880103, 00 086 8453539

More info 

  • Enniscoe House | 17  May

Special day for schools

An intensive day of fun and study for school children (12-13). The morning will be spent visiting the house, garden, yards and farm buildings, learning the history of the house, the family and the region, discovering how its use and management developed during the last century, and setting this into context with subjects from the school curriculum. After a picnic lunch on the shores of Lough Conn the afternoon will be devoted to nature and the environment. Enniscoe is one of sixteen Irish phenology stations, established to study the impact of climate change. Trees and shrubs from the programme will be examined and explained, and research on climate change discussed, before the group returns to the Heritage Centre for a quiz on what they have learned during the day.

Start at 10.00 | Duration: 5 hours | Cost: €25 | Minimum people: 20 – Maximum people: 40

Register (mandatory), 00 353 96 31112

More info

  • Lambay Island | 16 May

Forage and Feast on Lambay Island – Meet the owners, the Baring family, and Monica Wilde, Lambay’s professional forager, over a welcoming cup of coffee.A nutritionist and certified herbalist, Monica has organised Forage & Feast weekends on the island providing visitors with an opportunity to unwind, re-wild and eat delicious and nutritious island food. Spend the morning discovering the edible joys of sea, land and garden, benefiting from Monica’s encyclopaedic knowledge and her gentle guidance. Enjoy a tour of Lambay Castle, a 15th century fort renovated and furnished by Sir Edwin Lutyens as the family home in 1910, before a delicious lunch prepared from many of the ingredients you have found during the morning. Return to the mainland by ferry after lunch.

Please Note. There is always a possibility that this event might be cancelled at short notice, since it is impossible to land on Lambay Island in stormy weather. Should this happen the event will be rescheduled.

Starts at 9.00 | Duration: 5 hours | Cost: €150 (coffee & lunch included) | Minimum/Max people: 12

Register (mandatory)

More info


  • All over Italy | 19 May

Our member Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane holds its annual Giornata Nazionale with around 400 houses, courtyards and gardens opening to the public.

This initiative aims at raising awareness on the contribution of privately-owend heritage houses.

Full program here

More info | Facebook| Twitter dimorestoriche


  • A competition for pupils “My Business Plan for Latvian Castle or Manor” | 16-18 May

The aim of the competition is to promote the pupils’ in-depth interest in cultural heritage objects and encourage interest in their use today.

We invite you to participate in the competition from 7 to 8. classes and 10-11 classes for students. The winning teams will get an opportunity to organize a memorable class evening in a Latvian castle or manor for the whole class.

Tender Task:
• Choose! Choose a castle or manor to write a business plan. Apply! You must apply for a visit to the castle or manor (electronically) by May 3, 2019;
• Take part! Visit the selected palace or manor house on 16-18 March 2019 in May;
• Write! You must write a business plan (in accordance with the guidelines of the competition regulations) for the castle or manor visited and submit it electronically to: by May 31, 2019.
Winning teams will be announced on October 1, 2019.


List of manor houses and castles participating in Student’s Business Plan Contest

Privately owned castles and manors

– Blankenfeldes muiža, contact :

– Hiršenhof, contact :

– Kalnmuižas pils, contact :

– Krimuldas muiža, contact :

– Odzienas muiža, contact :

– Padures muiža, contact :

– Pūres muiža, contact :

– Rūmenes muiža, contact :

– Skrundas muiža, contact :

– Villa Medem, contact :

– Zvārtavas pils, contact :

Public manors and castles

– Alūksnes Jaunā pils (Alūksnes muzejs), contact :

– Apriķu muiža, contact :

– Cēsu Jaunā pils, contact :

– Dzērbenes pilsmuiža, contact :

– Gārsenes pils, contact :

– Jaunauces pils, contact :

– Kazdangas pils, contact :

– Krāslavas grāfu Plāteru pils komplekss, contact :

– Litenes muiža, contact :

– Livonijas ordeņa pils :

– Livonijas ordeņa pilsdrupas Aizputē, contact :

– Lūznavas muiža, contact :

– Mazsalacas novada Sēļu muiža, contact :

– Preiļu muižas komplekss un parks, contact :

– Svitenes pils, contact :

– Tiņģeres muiža, contact :

– Veselavas muiža, contact :


  • Casa Senhorial Verde de Oliveira | 18-19 May

May 18 at 16.00 – Yoga in the garden, by Pedro Capinha – YOGA LEIRIA – Confederação Portuguesa de Yoga

May 19 at 15.30- Fashion Photographic Competition with the photographer is Sérgio Claro, from Models Agency

Contact Ana Oliviera,, 00 351 910054926

More info Facebook RocailleLeira


  • Curtisoara Domain | 17-19 May

Visit of the Culaand the domain, -exhibition with the work done by the students of the school of Chaillot (France) and Timisoara (Romania) a study of Romaniian Culas & picnic under the linden tree on Saturday & Sunday.

Register Pierre Bortnowski,, +40753759547

More info 

  • Ratiu House | 19 May

Casa Rațiu is the former residence of one of the most iconic families in Transylvania, the Ratiu Family.
While some of the activities are brought to the community in different venues (an award on mental health achievements, in the memory of Elisabeth Pilkington Ratiu; a violin concert at the local theater, played on the family violin which was given to a young artist), others are open to the public inside the house – a multicultural dinner where a Syrian chef and a British chef will cook together for the international and local guest.

Register Doiniţa Seruna,, +40 728 989 091

More info | Facebook casaratiudeoaspeti


  • Veljkovic House | 18-19 May

The house of the Veljkovic family will present its collection of 21 caricatures made by the impressionist painter Beta Vukanovic. Caricatures which are the reflection of the political, economic and artistic landscape of Serbia during the first half of XX century.

On May 18: House will be opened from 16.00 to 21.00
On May 19: House will be opened from 10.00 to 18.00


  • The house of Kulic family | 16-17 May

“A cup of coffee in the House of Kulic Family”

The House of Kulic Family will be opened for visitors on May 16 and 17 & for the occasion Ms Mila Korunovic Delic will serve coffee with traditional Serbian tasty, morset and tell interesting stories if the House itself, on its inhabitants, and their lives.


  • Nusic Foundation

The Nusic Fundation will present an exposition on Branislav Nusic, who was a diplomat and a playwriter. A play will also be presented called “Travel around the world” written by B.Nusic and played by the troupe “Live together”.


  • The Kuća Petronijevića Archives and Research Center | 16-19 May

Exhibition & related workshops. The event will narrate the story about designing and building the family house at the present premises.
Authentic documents from the family archives will be used.


  • House Boudimir

On the occasion of the restoration of the House “Boudimir”, property of Mrs and Mr Simic Krsmanovic, a heritage slab from the association “Stare Kuce Srbije” will happen. Mr Simic Krsmanovic will count the history of the house and the architectural aspect as well.


  • House Apostolović de Pančevo | 17-19 May

Exhibition on oriental orthodox icons, inspired by Serbian heritage.

May 17 at 19.00: Goran Suručić, an engineer and a founding member of the literary club “Ivo Andrić in Zenum” and a defender of disabled will present his new poems collection called « Maturanka » accompanied by an orchestra.

May 18 at 19.00: Živojin Ćelić, a professional painter, literary man and a composer will present his poems collection called « I try to remember who I am » and his paintings from the cycle « before and after ». His musical composition will be played with the assistance of Professor Milan Dujmovic.

May 19 at 16.00, The association “Let’s live together” of disabled people will perform the play “illiterate” written by Branislav Nušić. & At 19.00 a short film on Serbia written by Izabela Savić will be presented.

  • The House of Jevrem Grujić | 16 May

Exhibition “Hidden treasure of Serbia”

The exhibition depicts Serbian history, culture, diplomacy and avant-garde. On the exhibition visitors will see paintings of the most important Serbian painters, sculptures, furniture from the 16th to the 20th century, ancient weapons, art objects of porcelain, ceramics, bronze, silver, rare books, clothes from the royal dynasty, medals and decorations.
They will see porcelain tea and coffee cups in which coffee and tea were served to Royal visitors, the most beautiful wedding gown from 1856, liquor chest and gift from the King Milan and Queen Natalia Obrenović. Among the beautiful paintings the visitors can admire one of the most beautiful paintings ever painted in Serbia, the portrait of Queen Natalia, considered as the Serbian Mona Lisa for her remarkable beauty and elegance.

The House will be opened  from 10.00 to 15.00.


  • Parc Samà | 16-17 May

Guided visit of the 14 hectares of the garden. The visit is guided by local historian and includes explication of historic, cultural and natural aspects of the garden.

Register Ester Llevat Villarrubi,

More info | Facebook ParcSamaCambrils| Twitter ParcSama | Instagram parcsama


  • Iford Manor | 16-19 May

Open from 11.00 to 16.00

Special private tour on Sunday 19, to be booked here:

More info | Facebook ifordmanorwits |Instagram ifordmanor