Created in 2003, the European Historic Houses Association Award, formerly known as the Heike Kamerlingh Onnes Award, rewards a private owner, a private organization or a professional, preferably a member of one of the cooperating associations of the European Historic Houses, for his contribution to the conservation, the protection and the promotion of cultural heritage.

Indeed, it recognizes their successful efforts in maintaining a historic monument, a garden or a landscape, or cultural heritage in general.

2017 European Historic Houses Awards

The 2017 European Historic Houses Awards were organized during the annual General Assembly and Conference held in the Barcelona region, on September 27-30. The jury visited El Viver, ‘The Nursery’ which dates back from the 12th century, on the first day. The second day, they… Read more

The Castle of Leeuwergem wins the European Historic Houses Award 2015

On the 3rd of October the jury of the European Historic Houses Award announced that Baron Baudouin della Faille d’Huysse of the castle of Leeuwergem 2015 award. The jury particularly appreciated the impressive and high-quality renovation that preserved the authentic character of the historic gardens… Read more

2014 Winner – Quinta do Convento do Carmo, Portugal

Mr Thorne has been awarded by the European Historic Houses Association for his impressive restoration of the building that was done with respect for the original architecture, while adding a high value for society through the employment of local artisans. Read more