Created in 2003, the European Historic Houses Association Award, formerly known as the Heike Kamerlingh Onnes Award, rewards a private owner, a private organization or a professional, preferably a member of one of the cooperating associations of the European Historic Houses, for his contribution to the conservation, the protection and the promotion of cultural heritage.

Indeed, it recognizes their successful efforts in maintaining a historic monument, a garden or a landscape, or cultural heritage in general. The European Historic Houses Association attributes this award once a year during its Annual Meeting.

2013 Winner – Vêves Castle, Belgium

Vêves Castle is a fortress and has belonged to the Liedekerke Beaufort family for centuries. The castle was inhabited until the late 19th century. There have been many changes over the centuries, the castle undergoing remarkable renovations. It is now open to the public and… Lire la suite