2019 EU election campaign

2019 EU election campaign2019-05-06T16:49:27+01:00

In 2019, we will see a renewed European Parliament and Commission, which will shape the future European policies until 2024.

Within the actual political context in Europe, we need to remind ourselves that culture and cultural heritage are what unite us. They form the backbone of our common European identity.

During this election year, we need to remind policy makers more than ever that private historic houses are a valuable asset for Europe, and to respect their specifities. We advocate for better access to funding, positive legal frameworks as well as support regarding training and education.

What can you do to support us?

  • Send our Manifesto to your candidates & promote our messages around you

➡️ Manifesto EU Elections

➡️ Here the full list of Members of Parliament & here sorted by country

  • Get involved in the campaign ‘This time I’m voting’ promoted by the EU institutions
  • Go vote on May 23-26
  • Use the appropriate hashtags on social media #EUelections2019 #thistimeimvoting #actforculture

What is going on in your country? Check the Manifestos issued by our National Assocations

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